Freight Wagons

Freight Wagons
Freight Wagons
Freight Wagons
Freight Wagons
  • Coatings for exterior surface and undercarriage
    • 1 K waterbased
      • Bahnfarbe ADS
        • Aqua-Thick-Film. Optimized for refinishing. Fast drying. Easy spraying
    • 2 K waterbased
      • Bahnfarbe EP primer 6:1
      • Bahnfarbe EP DS 6:1
        • Ideal epoxy paint system for painting new wagons with automated spray machine consisting of a primer and top-coat. There is one and the same hardener for both primer as well as top-coat. Even the mixing-ratioa is the same (6:1) for primer
    • High Solid Epoxy
      • Colortar EP
        • Tough, resilient and durable High-Solid Coating. 90 % solid content. Ideal for new freight wagons and bogies. Satin gloss finish. Does not require a primer when applied directly after sand blasting.
        • Up to 300 my dry in one application are possible.
        • Colortar EP is not as hard as normal epoxy. That make it more resilient to wear and tear and perfect for container transport and similar vehicles. Another popular application includes bogies.
        • Horizontal areas that must not be slippery like those on ROLA-Wagons are sanded when the paint is still wet. This gives it a non-slippery grip.
  • Interior coating/linings for Railtankers and Hopper Wagons
    • Bahnfarbe EP ST Schichtstoff
    • Approved in 2015 for the transport of foodstuffs in containers over 10 000 liters. A migrationtest that lasted 10 days at 70 degr C was successfully passed
    • Can be applied with or without primer
    • Epoxy Repair-putty (hole filler) for corroded area is available, too. Up to 3 mm thick coats in 1 application are possible
    • CargoPur Schichtstoff
      • Solvent-free thick-coat that is particularly impact resistant from -45 degr C to 80 degr C.
    • Paint for Wheels Sets
      • Bahnfarbe ADS is commonly used, particularly for refinishin
      • Bahnfarbe H is a thermo-sensitive paint that is used for the wheel disc. At temperatures higher than 280 deg C it swells up and falls off
      • Both products are 1 K waterbased. Standard packaging size is 20 kg drum but smaller packaging units are available for repair work, even for brush application
    • Signal colour
      • for Hooks, Handles, etc on wagons available solvent-based for brush application. Great hiding-power, fast drying.
    • Stencil – Paint
      • with great hiding-power and fast drying is available in small packaging size
    • Spray Cans
      • Paint in any colour and any gloss level is available in cans of 400 mls. Minimum order: 12 cans